Day Care - 7am-7pm 
Night Care - 7pm-7am

Most dogs spend their days bored and lonely. And by the time you get home from your busy day, your dog wants to play. Meanwhile, you need to make dinner, return phone calls, and relax after a long day. 
The Dog Loft is the solution. Drop your dog off with us and let him/her spend the day socializing with other dogs, running around and burning off plenty of pent-up energy. That way, an evening in your home is relaxing for both you and your pooped pooch. 

24 Hour Overnight Care - Check out as late as 10 pm!

Your dog will play with daycare dogs during the day, and then cuddle up with friends every night!   At no charge, we can provide the food, snacks, toys and bed, or you can bring your own. 

Pet Taxi -Need someone to take your pet to the vet, groomers, pet shop or to our facility? We will pick up your dog from Anywhere within a 15 mile radius of our facility! Exceptions for a further radius based on special needs.

Boarding - Long stays for your furry family member

Your dog will enjoy his or her mini vacation during our crate-free overnight experience. 

Dog Walking - Walks to the Dog Park, Beach, Hikes...

Pet Photography - Expert photos of your pet printed and wood mounted

COMING SOONGrooming, Training, Videos of Your pet, Live Webcam & More!!!


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